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Why Choose Us

We vow to give our customer the highest service there is, we challenge any other company to come even close to what we do and how we do it.
We screen our drivers to make sure they are the best representatives for the business, furthermore we always keep them refreshed and updated in knowledge so the can give the best the industry has to offer.
We have our rates at a point where no service can be compromised and no other company can go below us; it is the only way we can get returned customer.
We renew our fleet regularly to keep our latest models in the parking lot ready to serve our great customers!
Giving our customers 5 options would make them at a better position to choose the right vehicle with no limitation.
We are certain that making reservation online with us is not only easy, but also saves customers time! We have the least steps with all points covered in online-ordering.

Our Standards


Vehicles are Neat and Drivers are Punctual

This is part of our identity which forms our brand of business, we also important to mention that Tip is already included in the rate. However, if you decide to offer the driver tips, it is complimentary and up to your discretion.

Our Policy


Cancellation with full refund is part of our policy as long as it takes place 3 hours before the reservation time and it is based on now questions asked. Refunds will be processed in 24 business hours.

Lost & Found

Valuables or customers properties which are left in vehicles will be reported immediately to the right party and will be stored for 7 business days for customers to pickup, or we can ship to customers address for the necessary shipping cost.

Corporate Accounts

We welcome all corporate accounts by offering customized rates based on the service requested and all details involved, for more details please email us at info@flexlimo.net

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